For The Birds

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1 – For Families

Birds are flighty and transient creatures, and each art installation of the highly acclaimed For The Birds project is likewise light and airy. The 90-minute walk through this ethereal wonderland of sound and light is easy enough for toddlers, and enchanting to those of any age.

Jony Easterby, lead artist of For the Birds, says the interactive art installations are intended to enhance and illuminate the natural avian environment of the Wilton’s Bush reserve.

For the Birds has the profound and powerful symbol of the bird as its heart. They are compelling and much-loved messengers of wisdom, danger and hope, For the Birds aims to examine their role as valuable present-day indicators: guides vital to understanding and engaging with our ecological health in its broadest sense – spiritual, economic, natural,” he says.

Little feet can navigate the well-lit terrain easily, but strollers would fumble. Tickets are $35 for Adults, $19 for children and family passes range from $65 (1 adult, 2 children) to $100 (2 adults, 2 children) – excluding fees. Purchase tickets in advance through Ticketek.

2 – For Couples

Join us for an enchanting walk-through art installation in the native forest of Otari-Wilton’s Bush, celebrating the wonder of the avian world through an exploration of light, sound, and moving sculpture.

For the Birds recently premiered in Wales to great acclaim, and New Zealand Festival’s Artistic Director Shelagh Magadza says it is set to please a variety of audiences. “For the Birds is a unique experience that’s going to appeal to arts lovers, bird enthusiasts, nature supporters, and hundreds of families simply looking for a magical night out,” she says.

Tickets are available in advance through Ticketek. Please arrive 30 minutes before your session time – you will need to take a shuttle from the free parking area at Ian Galloway Park.

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1 – For Families

Explore the avian world of kiwis, parrots, and nocturnal kākāpō in a guided walk through the Otari-Wilton’s Bush from 3-19 March, during the New Zealand Festival’s highly anticipated interactive art installation, For the Birds.

Wander through an evening of light, flight and birdsong in under 2 hours, with gentle paths that even toddlers can navigate. (No strollers, please.) The sounds, lights, and exhibits will do more than teach you about birds – they will stir your feelings for our feathered friends.

Purchase your tickets here:

2 – For Couples

Nature and ecology intersect art and technology in For the Birds, an immersive journey through a series of avian-inspired light and sound installations.

Set in Otari-Wilton’s Bush in Wellington from 3-19 March, For The Birds is a nighttime stroll through sensations of sound and images that invoke our primal relationships to our feathered friends.

Wander through the light, flight, and birdsong by purchasing tickets in advance through Ticketek.

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1 – For Families

Take your family on a magical stroll they will never forget. ‘For the Birds’ closes 19 March.

2 – For Couples

Author Jay Griffiths called For the Birds “One of the best art exhibitions I have ever seen!” Don’t miss it: